About Us

Why Choose Us?

LendAssure Risk Managers has streamlined the insurance review process. We have taken steps internally to provide added support to our clients and the borrower’s broker. We believe that by going the extra mile, it acts the best interest of our clients, the borrower’s and their brokers.

We represent ourselves as our clients partner. All staff at LendAssure Risk Managers are experienced insurance professionals and have prior experience working as brokers, underwriters, & risk managers. In addition, we have a network of preferred brokers that we can rely on, should your clients broker be unable to fulfill your requirements. This certifies that our staff and broker partners are aware of the current marketplace and can make recommendations to our clients accordingly. We leave no stone unturned!

We let our clients determine their involvement. We understand that all our clients have individual wishes when it comes to their involvement in the insurance review process. We ensure that the process is clearly discussed with our clients and they can have as much or as little involvement as they feel comfortable with. It is our job to ensure that your interests are protected!

Key Personnel

Mark Jackson, CIP

Mark Jackson is the President of LendAssure Risk Managers. He has 20 years experience in brokering & risk management including acting as the designated principal broker for multiple brokerage firms & insurance related entities. Mark began his career in the Insurance Industry in 2002 and earned his CIP designation in 2008. With a passion for helping clients Mark takes pride in developing a concierge service culture at LendAssure.

Kurt Richardson

Chief Operating Officer
Kurt Richardson holds over 13 years of experience working in the insurance industry on both the Company and Broker side of the business. Kurt’s role of COO at LendAssure is focused on team building, driving operational efficiency, vendor engagement, and most importantly customer care excellence. Having studied business at The University of Western Ontario, Kurt holds multiple industry designations including the Canadian Risk Management, the Chartered Insurance Professional and the Canadian Accredited Insurance Broker designations.

Christine Cyncora

Senior Risk Management Analyst
Christine Cyncora has acted as an Insurance Advisor on over 2500 commercial real estate transactions and dozens of large project finance deals over the past decade for many of Canada’s leading lenders such as Toronto Dominion Bank, Royal Bank, BMO Bank of Montreal, HSBC Bank Canada, Bank of Nova Scotia and Peoples Trust, among others. Christine has worked for multiple Lender Advisory Firms, which has provided insight into creating a tailored and streamlined review process. Christine’s expansive insurance knowledge and attention to detail will surely make her a great asset working with your firm.